Hand Engraved Wedding Band Set


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A matching set of hand engraved wedding bands in 925, 14K or 18K gold with beautiful leaf pattern. You can choose between silver, white, yellow or pink gold, or different colors for each band.
The set shown here is in 925 silver with brushed/satin finish with a nice bright cuts that are super reflective and give a great 3d “pop”.

***Pricing shown is for 2 bands***

Both bands measure 5,5mm height, 1,35mm thick and are slightly domed. They are quite sturdy, massive and have a great feeling of weight to them.
All of the work made to them is “old fashioned” : not cast or with the use of any machinery. I’ve melted the metal, drawn it and soldered the pieces. The engraving is made with a chisel and hammer, instead of the power-assisted gravers.
Milgrain detailing on borders can also be placed. It is optional and at no extra cost.

Combined metal weight is : 11grams in 925 silver, 14grams in 14K and 17grams in 18K.
As it is a set, it is not possible to put a selection of sizes in the listing. Instead you can message me with your needs or put a note at checkout. I can do virtually any size, including halves and quarters.
Inside engraving is complimentary and I can place up to 14 characters as I will need space for the metal hallmarks.

Generally, I will need 10 to 14 days for completion.

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14k Rose gold, 14k White gold, 14k Yellow gold, 18k Rose gold, 18k White gold, 18k Yellow gold, 925 Silver

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