Imperial Topaz Ring, 3,30ct Imperial Topaz Gold Ring


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Golden imperial topaz gemstone that is placed in an airy ring that holds it about 5mm from the finger. The rough that i acquired resulted in 3 big nearly flawless stones with great hues and tonality.This one is of VVS2 clarity and 3,30cts weight and dimensions 9,12×5,5mm. the cut is again Round Brilliant with multiple facets, resulting in great flash and amazing sparkle. The setting however, puts the stone a bit higher from the finger in an 4-prong basket setting. I have intentionally left the prongs to be half a mm on top of the stone for additional safety. If you want, i can always grind them down with a cup bur. Please convo me if you want it as an option.
The stone is natural, earth-mined topaz, MOH’s hardness is 8 and has been gently heated

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14k Rose gold, 14k White gold, 14k Yellow gold, 18k Rose gold, 18k White gold, 18k Yellow gold

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