Lioness Ring with Blue Sapphires


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Proud lioness ring with blue and white sapphires. After months of designing, carving and finishing, I have finally made my first signature designer ring. It represents the wild and untamed african spirit, the spirit of the proud lioness, roaming the african savanna.
The ring is set with two, 2 blue sapphires(emeralds) and five white sapphires. I can make it also with rubies, diamonds, sapphires…virtually any african stone that comes to mind. Just message me your ideas for a one of a kind ring and we’ll discuss it.
Heavier design – approx 7grams in 14K and 9grams in 18K gold

This is the first ring of the Proud Lioness line and will be a limited production of 15 rings. Every ring will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for the stones and limited edition numeration, also engraved on the ring itself.
I am also working on 3 more different designs of the Lioness, but with different stones layout and count. They are also limited editions and each will be one of a kind.
14K&18K solid gold available to choose from, but please have in mind the longer production times(4-6weeks)

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14k Rose gold, 14k White gold, 14k Yellow gold, 18k Rose gold, 18k White gold, 18k Yellow gold

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