Created for Love.

A jewel states love, passion, commitment and care. My creations will stay with you for many years, for a lifetime or as a heirloom – to remind and to inspire.
A jewel imbued with love, prepared by hand, crafted with soul.
All the items in my shop are “sole authorship”. They are designed and made by me in my studio with recycled metals and natural gemstones.

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Brand’s History

I come from Thrace. A land inhabited by people ferocious and disobedient, like Spartacus but also spirited, artistic and poetic like Orpheus.
A home to once greatest goldsmiths in the ancient world, whose mastery is regarded even today as outstanding, detailed and beautifull.

My shop is a one-man operation : I do everything from start to finish. Melting and alloying gold and silver, stone setting, carving, engraving, designing, photographing…
I am a traditional goldsmith and I prefer to work the old-fashioned way – by hand instead of what modern factories do – with mills, casters and automated lines. The jewels I make bring me joy and satisfaction, the hours and days I spend making them are filled with passion, excitement and my 100% commitment. Be sure that whatever I do, it is made with care and love.

Though i haven’t pursued my passion right away,in 2010 I was finally able to commence this new endeavour.

As for me, I have a degree from Mining and Geology University of Sofia as Expert Gemologist and also am an Accredited Jewelry Professional with GIA.

Several apprenticeships covering alloying, fabrication, stone setting and engraving. 7 years of experience, thousands of items crafted and many thousands more to come.

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The communication with the seller was amazing, the ring is gorgeous and my soon to be husband couldnt be happier. I cant imagine how the experience could have gone better! 10/10!


OMG! Ivan & I worked together to design & make me a necklace that I wanted, to my specifications, that I could not find. He was very accommodating & even sent me pictures along the way of creating my beautiful piece, bit by bit. It will definitely be a piece that I will hand down through the generations my daughter’s provide. THE NECKLACE IS DEFINITELY MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I EXPECTED! PERFECTO!
I hope to continue to work with such a wonderful craftsman in the future!


Singular & Personal

In creating jewellery, gemstones, coins, or other precious items are often used, and they are typically set into precious metals. Alloys of nearly every metal known have been encountered
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